ART & CULTURE | 3F | 07 FEB 2017


03 FEB 2017 to 08 MAR 2017

We often get stuck in a single mindset that's difficult to get away from, but the work of emerging artists can change that, telling us how we can look at things from other angles and think differently.  We are proud to introduce several groundbreaking Japanese millennial artists who are exploring a new paradigm in the landscape of the Japanese art scene through their stainless worldview for the first time in Kuala Lumpur.  The emerging talents include Yugo Isaji, Haruka Ohta, Yuko Ozawa and Momo Yoshino, all represented by Tokyo-based gallery COEXIST-TOKYO, who liberate themselves from the norm of the art world. In this exhibition, titled “A Little Weird” presented by COEXIST-TOKYO, the four artists play with the notion of normal/weird that we unconsciously draw an ambivalent line between, by flipping around the very “normal” everyday objects such as cracked tableware or paper as their materials and making them into art forms with their own unique tweaks.
If not obvious, carefully listen to their critical voices quietly suggesting us to rethink the political, economical or social situations we live in today.  As a circumstance, we might realise that there is in fact no normal, and accepting the little weirdness in yourselves could be the key to appreciating your “normal” life.

Yugo Isaji

Isaji presents his works using a cutter blade, ball point pen or repairing a broken bowl inside out. He turns daily necessities into art by strikingly simple methods.
Yugo Isaji “bowl” 2016


Haruka Ohta

Ohta researches the question of borders, which exist in everything in the world, by inserting the fake into the real space, making them coexist both inside and outside, the front and back in architectural installations. “I and ‘objects’ can never be combined” he explains, trying to make these two matters closer.
Haruka Ohta “OUTSIDE, goes outside.” 2016


Yuko Ozawa

Ozawa expresses her vision through various media from video and sounds, to writing. In her recent works, she created a music video that shows an actress miming singing to the sound source of an amateur musician uploaded on YouTube. In her works, "the subject" such as "I", "You", "He" and "She", is always ambiguous, making us upset our video and sound literacy, providing us with a genuinely new experience.

Yuko Ozawa “James” 2016


Momo Yoshino

Yoshino uses optical illusions in order to allow two-dimensional paintings to create a virtual space within exhibition sites. Seamlessly connecting the works to the spaces in which they are shown, (many of them being planned for specific sites) she aims to expand the limitations of painting as a medium.
Momo Yoshino “Kami #13” 2015