ART & CULTURE | 3F | 28 JUN 2017

Hokkaido Attracting active and adventurous travellers all year round

As Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido’s breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering local produce make it an enticing destination for active and adventurous travellers.

Located around an hour from New Chitose Airport, the capital of Sapporo offers a mix of natural and urban surroundings, resulting in an open atmosphere in which to enjoy shopping, sightseeing and the local cuisine.
Heading south from the capital, the romantic harbour city of Hakodate is known for its rich history and fresh seafood, not to mention spectacular night views from the adjacent mountaintop.


Majestic mountains, rugged coastlines and fields of flowers await travellers in the northern part of the prefecture, where towns such as the picturesque Furano receive heavy snow in winter and remain cool during the summer months.

Also known as Doutou, the eastern half of the prefecture is home to the scenic Tokachi region, along with mysterious landscapes, untouched wilderness and the World Heritage-listed Shiretoko Peninsula.

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Create a personalised itinerary

JTB offers a range of travel packages in which special activities and accommodation can be paired with airfares to/from Hokkaido.

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Special Activities

-Farm Picnic (5,000 yen)
Experience life on a real working farm with a tour and picnic lunch led by Japan’s only farm guide. Picnics focus on seasonal produce, allowing visitors to discover, harvest and eat the freshest vegetables on the farm. This year’s timetable includes a Blue Wheat Picnic (mid to late June), Potato Flower Picnic (late June to mid July), Corn Picnic (mid July to early August), Potato Picnic (early to mid August), Corn Picnic (mid August to late September) and Yam Picnic (early October to late October).
-Tokachi Night River Cruise (6,000 yen)
Hop abroad and experience the sights and sounds of the Obihiro River after dark.
-Clear Bottom Kayaking in Lake Shikotsu (7,000 yen)
Discover the world that lies within the lake’s crystal clear waters.
-Tethered Hot Air Balloon Experience (3,000 yen)
Enjoy breathtaking views of Furano and the nearby mountains while hovering 40 metres above the ground.
-Cheese Making (4,000 yen)
Learn about farming in Tokachi before making cheese for your own special pizza.
-Night Watching (3,000 yen)
Gaze at the famous star-filled sky in picturesque Furano.


-Hoshino Resorts Tomamu (from 15,000 yen per person/night)
-Rusutsu Resort (from 14,000 yen)
-Sahoro Resort (from 10,000 yen)
-Hokkaido Hotel (from 10,000 yen)
-New Furano Prince Hotel (from 12,000 yen)