ART & CULTURE | GF | 25 OCT 2017

NEW WONDER. for you

A great thank you for your patronage, allowing us to serve you for a whole year since the first day our store was opened last October.Throughout this journey, it’s our utmost pleasure to be able to reach out and connect with each and every one of you from a diverse cultural background in Malaysia.

In all earnesty, by presenting the real charms and values of Japan through its culture,innovative technology and its beauty aesthetics, we hope you’d be able to know more and gradually fall for its beauty.
Simultaneously, we are also thrilled to discover and bring out the dynamic spirits, culture that have breed the unique and distinctive creativity that you can only experience it in Malaysia.
With this ambition, ISETAN The Japan Store serves as a bridge between Japan and Malaysia.


With the joining of two countries, the store becomes the catalyst that triggers many more interesting projects in the future.
You’ll find more “NEW WONDER” prepared for you at each floor during this celebration.

May all find your very own “NEW WONDER” here, in ISETAN The Japan Store.