ART & CULTURE | 1F | 16 JUN 2017

Vintage radio cassette players for your listening pleasure

Building upon the momentum of Japan's burgeoning radio cassette and cassette tape scene, The Japan Store presents a pop-up exhibition and sale of radio cassette players curated by Tokyo-based analog aficionado Junichi Matsuzaki from Design Underground.
As a secondary school student, Matsuzaki was drawn to the mechanical design and sturdy nature of his father's Sony radio cassette player. Several decades later, he now collects, restores and exhibits similar electronic devices, introducing their charms to a new generation of young music fans. "The greatest appeal of vintage radio cassette players is their design, which has a quality that today's home electronics are unable to achieve," explains Matsuzaki.

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The exhibition will showcase vintage Japanese radio cassette players from a selection of well-known makers, with highlights including Sony's CF-1980 and CF-1765, two releases from the early 1970s that combine exceptional texture with operational charm. Fans of stereo cassette players will find delight in National's RS-4100 and RX-5400 models, which provide smooth playback and a natural sound quality that you'll want to listen to for hours on end. Compact models to suit various scenes and situations will also be featured.