BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 22 FEB 2017

It’s Green: The Tasty Strategy For Your Health

We know that health is the new luxury in the sense of creating happier future, but being healthier often requires some physical work: working out hard or taking a lot of nutritional supplements.  But don’t worry, here is our “tasty” and “effortless” short-cut proposal.
It’s Green, specially co-developed by the Japan Store and AFC is a KL version of dietary supplement vegetable powder commonly known as Aojiru, very popular among health conscious people in Japan. Made from young barley grass and Matcha green tea, this whole food contains hundreds and possibly thousands of yet to be discovered nutrients that cannot be isolated and put into a vitamin/mineral supplement.
How to take? Just mix one container of the power with a glass of water, milk, soy milk or fruit juice (such as apple juice) and drink it.  
Unlike the green looking, it tastes softly sweet as easy to continue everyday.
Price: 210.94RM (3g x 30 containers)