BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 15 MAR 2017

Dyson’s Supersonic™ Hairdryer: The Innovative Hair Solution!

ISETAN The Japan Store is pleased to announce the exclusive arrival of Dyson’s latest innovation: Supersonic™ hair dryer, the new strategy to grow and care hair! What of this that amazing?  Well, there are too many great features to talk that the other “conventional” hair dryers never have. The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer has intelligent heat control technology, which helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect hair’s natural shine. The temperature is measured 20 times a second and transmits this data to the microprocessor, which intelligently controls the patented compact heating element from reaching extreme, hair damaging temperatures. This actually brings unexpected delights. Because it’s powerful enough to shorten the period of time to completely dry up your hair, and it stays less hot in comparison to others you no longer have to sweat too much in your bathroom while drying up/ styling your hair! Also combined with Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology, air is amplified threefold, creating a high pressure, focused jet of air for controlled, precise, drying and styling. Due to its compact size and the motor put in the handle, the dryer feels perfectly balanced in your hands so it’s super easy to control that makes you effortlessly achieve your ideal styles!

* This set contains: Dyson Supersonic, Smoothing nozzle, Styling concentrator, Diffuser, Non-slip mat and Storage hanger