FOOD | LGF | 24 FEB 2017

Delicate Flavor of Spring for Sweet Tooth

For someone with a sweet tooth and who loves the most beautiful season in Japan, pretty looking chocolates and candies have arrived in the Japan Store.
Harumame (meaning beans of spring), one of the primary products of Mameya Bankyu, a traditional confectionery specializing in beans in Kanazawa, is roasted organic soy beans covered with strawberry flavored chocolate that comes in a bean shaped gift box handcrafted by artisans only available in spring time.
Crochet, a Kyoto-based traditional candy workshop with 130 plus years of history, offers a Bijoux-like candy inspired by the breath-taking cherry blossoms in Kyoto.  The glossy spherical shape with pink and white strips mimics a Temari, traditional hand ball made from embroidery threads.  Put one in your mouth and the delicate blueberry flavor will fulfill your sense.

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