FOOD | LGF | 08 NOV 2017

Matcha Madness: “TSUJIRI” Green Tea Sweets POP-UP

Matcha craze is taking the world by storm. If you have ever been to Japan, you might have seen everything from drinks, snacks and sweets in vibrant matcha green. TSUJIRI, a time-honored teahouse originally from Kyoto, is coming back as a POP-UP store with their top sellers.


Their iconic soft serve ice cream is available in 2 flavors: O-Matcha and Hojicha. There are also 3 types of parfait: TSUJIRI parfait, Shiratama Parfait and Chiffon Cake Parfait. TSUJIRI Parfait is a long-time bestseller served with corn flakes or genmai, zenzai topped with matcha soft ice cream and finished off with a chocolate stick and a cherry.


The Pop-up shop will be open for a limited 3 week period from  Nov 21st to Dec 13th. Enjoy the Matcha sweets after holiday shopping.

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