FOOD | LGF | 12 APR 2017

Food die-hard in Kyushu

There is nothing new about the fact that many countries have diverse food cultures within their borders. Japan is not an exception and the quality of the foods its Kyushu region has to offer is exceptional. Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, home to seven prefectures, stunning mountains and seas, is a destination where Tokyoite visit and get bowled over by its food and drinks.Here is a highlight.


Sakamoto Kurozu is a Kagoshima institution of vinegar making. The family company has kept the traditional production method for over two centuries since it started. For drinking and cooking, they make black vinegar, using quality well water, in giant jars kept outside on gentle hill slopes under the area’s warm climate. These three types are perfect to have with water, sparkling water or yogurt and ice cream.


You cannot talk about Kyushu’s food scene without noodles. Marutai is a household instant ramen brand in Fukuoka, making classic noodles for hungry locals since 1959. These ramen come with chicken and beef soup respectively from Miyazaki and Saga prefectures of Kyushu.


And there is Goto udon soup noodle from Nagasaki’s Goto islands, one of Japan’s three biggest udon brands. Serving in a flavorful soup made with local tobiuo flying fish, bonito flakes and seaweed is the Goto way.


Lastly, these pretty bottles of soft drinks come from Tomomasu in Saga. Since its foundation in 1902, Tomomasu has stuck to a classic sparkling soft drink, known as saida (or cider) in Japanese. Here we have a fresh selection including watermelon and mango.

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