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Japan Food Labo: Spirit of Washoku

17 FEB 2017 to 26 FEB 2017

Washoku, the traditional cuisine culture of Japan, has been recognised as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco.  As Unesco states, “washoku is a social practice based on a set of skills, knowledge, practice and traditions related to the production, processing, preparation and consumption of food. It is associated with an essential spirit of respect for nature that is closely related to the sustainable use of natural resources,” appreciating the nature and the local culture attached to traditional Japanese food is key to enjoying it even more.  Additionally, as Japan as a country stretches far from north to south, the nature of each region is quite diverse, hence there is also diversity in food culture. For this Japan Food Labo project, we’ve selected a variety of foods from regions across the nation which are essential to the everyday meals of Japanese people, and thus, importantly, they are easy to enjoy at home. Here’s a few examples we’re looking forward to sharing with you: basics such as mugicha (decaf barley tea) and hojicha (roasted green tea containing less caffeine), easy-to-cook dried soba noodles, additive-free fish cakes that go very well with noodles, dried jyabara (Japanese citrus fruits unique to Wakayama prefecture) rich in nutrients, spicy hot “rayonnaise” seasoning made of ra-yu (Japanese chili oil) and mayonnaise perfect with rice and noodles, and thick and sweet uji matcha green tea for your refreshment.


Barley Tea (Tea Bag) 20P


Roasted Green Tea


Rice Seasoning


Fish Cake


Rich Taste Uji Matcha Greentea


Matcha Latte

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