ART & CULTURE | 3F | 08 MAR 2017

JTB Presents Tohoku, The Secret Heaven for Cherry Blossom

Special journey series from JTB at ISETAN The Japan Store this time takes you to Tohoku, the secret heaven for Hanami (Sakura viewing) for true Hanami lovers. Normally the best time to see Sakura blossom is said to be at the beginning of April, and we all know that the this kind of Hanami tour sells very quickly. So for those who missed an opportunity to get a ticket or for those even prefer avoiding the busiest time, here is our hidden tech to offer you an alternative utilizing our expertise as a long-established travel agency.
The first destination will be Kakunodate, an old castle town often reffered as the Little Kyoto in Akita prefecture that has big two features to enjoy: the well-preserved historic Samurai houses and the magnificent scenery of fully blossoming cherry trees lined up along the Hinokinaigawa river bank.

Embracing the unforgettable memories from Kakunodate, you will then visit the spectacular Omagari Fireworks Festival, one of the oldest fireworks festivals in Japan where pyrotechnicians from around the world will gather and collaborate with Japanese fireworks masters to produce “the Omagari Hanabi Spring Chapter”.
The last highlight of this trip will be the Cherry Blossom Festival held in Hirosaki Park surrounding the famous Hirosaki Castle in Aomori prefecture. Just right at the full blossom, 2600 cherry trees in the park will color the whole landscape in Sakura pink.


RM 2,870 Per Pax
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Akita  (Twin room)

Day 1
Morning: Arrivng at Tokyo Station and moving to Morioka/ Kitakami Station
Daytime: Visiting Kitakami Municipal Park and Kakunodate Samurai District, enjoying the magnificent cherry blossom along Hinokinaigawa River Bank
Evening: Joining Omagari Fireworks Festival
Day 2
Morning: Leaving Akita for Hirosaki, Aomori
Daytime: Enjoying Hirosaki Park’s spectaculer cherry blossom

Terms & Conditions
*Minimum 15 persons are required to form a group *Accommodation based on twin sharing basis.
*This tour will be conducted in Japanese.
*Price stated is not including flight & travel insurance.
*Price based on using 2person per room.
*All booking are on request basis.
*Booking can be made up to 30 days prior to departure.
*Refer us for more terms & conditions.