ART & CULTURE | 3F | 12 JUN 2017

Free Art Space: Bo&Friends by Kamwei Fong

16 JUN 2017 to 15 JUL 2017

Kamwei Fong is the first Malaysian artist to hold a solo exhibition at Isetan The Japan Store’s Free Art Space.

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As a former art director and design department head with almost two decades experience in the creative industry, Kamwei has gained a wide range of fans, collectors and collaborators with his ongoing series Bo&Friends in Malaysia, Europe and the US. Featuring animal-themed works that centre on a goldfish named Bo (meaning wide, broad or versatile in Cantonese), the series carries a sense of playfulness and an optimistic outlook on everyday life. “I’m not a super positive person so Bo reminds me to be happy and positive – it’s a good reminder for people,” said the creator in an interview with

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Kamwei’s creations are often described as poetic, humourous, imaginative, playful and dream-like. His art pieces are happily displayed in the homes of buyers across Europe, the US and other countries. Currently, his art prints and ceramic sculptures can be found in a gallery in Paris.

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