ART & CULTURE | 3F | 08 MAR 2017

The Darling of Tokyo Street Art: Yu Nagaba Solo Exhibition

John Lennon, a man looking at sandwiches, Albert Einstein, a naked girl skateboarding, Woody Allen, a boy and a girl kissing, Bob Dylan, people working, Michael Jackson, and people dancing…  THE CUBE will be happily presenting artworks by Yu Nagaba, an up-and-coming Tokyo-based artist known for drawing portraits from famous figures to normal people. Once featured on the cover of Popeye magazine, the distinctive taste of his work caught the eye of many people and made him the darling of the Tokyo art scene. The informal, iconic minimal lines of his work barely reveal the expression of the subjects, but for some reason you can’t help reading the narrative despite the impassive faces and lack of dramatic backdrops. “I don’t want to take it too seriously” he says, and presumably that’s the charm of his work. Because it’s so easy-going, heart-warming and democratic, people want to possess his art, be it at home, printed on T-shirts or on eco-bags whenever available at exhibitions or through collaborations with brands. The hard part is, his works sell out too quickly! Don't miss this opportunity exclusively opened to you at THE CUBE!

“A Line” by Yu Nagaba

Dates: Fri.10 Mar. to Sun.16 Apr.
Opening reception with the artist: Sat. 11 Mar. 3PM - 6PM
Venue: 3F THE CUBE/Free art space

Special Event

ana tomy x Yu Nagaba POP UP Shop: Sat. 11 Mar.
Yu Nagaba Illustration Lecture Workshop: Sun. 12 Mar. 12PM (1.5 - 2h)
Admission fee: RM120
Only 20 seats available for each session


Yu Nagaba

is an artist born in 1976, Tokyo. After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University, Nagaba started working as an illustrator for a T-shirt company. He then became an independent artist and contributed his works to magazines, packaging, books, advertising and apparel brands. The easy, minimal lines of his drawings simultaneously catch the most expressive? features of the subjects. Check out his instagram, updated with his new piece of art everyday.