FASHION | 1F | 25 OCT 2017

Blythe: Dew Eyed High Fashion Doll Hits the Store

Blythe is a high fashion doll known for her oversized head, small pouts and strikingly large eyes that change color with the pull of a string.

Although she was never popular in the US where she was originally born in 1972, the doll attracted the eye of the collectors in Japan and its popularity soared in Asia. Since 2001, the Japanese toy company Takara Tomy began producing the new editions.


Now her unique look is loved more by adults rather than children, and she is especially popular among high fashion designers and editors. She has appeared in many fashion magazines and advertising campaign such as Bottega Veneta, Anna Sui and a number of Japanese designers.  For the first time, she will be made available in Malaysia at the Japan Store. Limited editions of the doll will be available, as well as other goods including post cards. They will be only available at Isetan Japan Store.