FASHION | GF | 15 FEB 2017

New Breeze of Japanese Fashion: Akira Naka and Taro Horiuchi

We are thrilled to introduce our new friends in the designer brands corner on the ground floor: AKIRA NAKA and Taro Horiuchi, promising new talents who both studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and trained in international fashion houses, fresh favourites among Japanese fashion enthusiasts. Their intelligent pursuit of new values integrates the global zeitgeist and Japanese sensibility, which results in “everyday pret-a-porter” that transcends the idea of "TPO" (time, place, occasion) and short-lived trends. What’s more, in common is the deep understanding of materials and highest standards of quality.  Trying on their unique creations, you’ll be sure to feel the new breeze of Japanese fashion.



started his career in fashion inspired by a tailor he encountered while visiting the USA. He then moved to Antwerp and studied fashion design under renowned Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts where he was selected for the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography.  Launched his label POESIE, in 2007 in Tokyo later renamed AKIRA NAKA, and started exhibiting at Tokyo Fashion Week in S/S 2009. With the concept of “wearing the attitude,” his deep appreciation of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology tweaks graphical design, and his refined silhouette offers active couture for modern women.


Taro Horiuchi

born to an art-dealer father in Tokyo in 1982, Horiuchi grew up surrounded by the arts, and moved to London at the age of 15 to study art, photography and fashion. He then moved to Antwerp, Belgium to further pursue fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.  After graduating at the top of his class from the college and training at a French fashion house in Paris, he launched his own label under his name back in Tokyo in 2009.  His genuine design engineered with delicate details and the finest materials stands for confident independent women who never give in to the trends of the time.