FASHION | 1F | 25 MAY 2017

Porter x Mastermind Japan Collaboration

PORTER and mastermind JAPAN’s latest collaboration initially launched at PORTER SEOUL in December 2016 will be available exclusively at ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur. PORTER is the original brand from the traditional bag company “Yoshida & Co., Ltd.” which has reached its 80th anniversary on 2015. The brand name comes from “porters”, who carries the guests’ luggage in hotels etc.


Known for its dedication to Japanese craftsmanship, Porter specialises in the production of high quality bags, luggage and accessories. Made with passion by experienced craftsmen who put their heart and soul into each and every stitch, the brand’s products have gained a strong following around the world. For this collaboration, Porter’s knowledge and expertise has been paired with the streetwear prowess of Mastermind Japan. Founded in 1997, the Tokyo-based streetwear label has built a loyal fanbase with its signature skull and crossbones motif, while recent collaborations have featured brands such as Anti Social Social Club, Adidas and New Era.

The Japan Store will present a selection of the travel goods and accessories produced for the PORTER x mastermind JAPAN collaboration.
         ⁃       2WAY BOSTON BAG
         ⁃       2WAY TOTE BAG
         ⁃       3WAY BRIEF CASE
         ⁃       2WAY WAIST BAG
         ⁃       MULTI WALLET
A range of other items such as the Yoshida & Co., Ltd. Store Exclusive items and the keychain in collaboration with New Era, will also be available for purchase.

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