RESTAURANT | 4F | 01 MAY 2017

Tonkatsu Anzu at Isetan The Japan Store

First outlet in Malaysia; non-halalSpeciality: Japanese deep-fried pork fillet (tonkatsu) Originating from Fukuoka, Anzu sources its premium Sangen pork locally. The pork fillets are aged for seven days to help tenderise the meat. They are then breaded and deep fried at an extremely high temperature (160C) to keep the outside crisp without losing the meat’s juices. As a result, you get a perfectly cooked piece of pork that has crunch on the outside and is moist on the inside.


Get the pork loin katsu set that comes with a side of finely shredded cabbage salad, dried white radish pickle (very addictive!), rice and miso soup. The Worcestershire-based tonkatsu sauce adds depth to the clean-tasting pork while the herby Japanese shiso leaf dressing goes perfectly with the cabbage.