We accept payments in all our Isetan stores by:
  • Cash (Malaysia Ringgit).
  • Foreign currency notes in US dollars, Euro, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollars and Taiwan Dollars.
  • International credit cards: Visa, Master, JCB and Diners.
  • Gift vouchers issued by Isetan Malaysia and Isetan Tokyo.
  • Isetan I-Card (Japan). Isetan Tokyo I-Card Isetan Gold Card
    Isetan Tokyo Card    |    Owners I-Card / I-Club    |    Swing I-Card    |    Doctor's Card / Cinderella Card
    Tax Accountant Card    |    JR Kyoto Isetan Gold Card and JR Kyoto Isetan Card
You can call us if you have any queries about these payment options. We will be happy to attend to you.


  • ・We will accept returns for merchandise purchased from our stores, except for discounted merchandise and merchandise that has been abused or soiled through customer's or user's neglect.
  • ・To make a return, simply bring the item down to any of our stores, where the same item is available, and present your item together with its purchase receipt(s) to our staff at any cash counter. You may wish to check the item's availability at a particular store by calling us. Exchange should be made within three days of purchase.
  • ・We will not bear any charges incurred by customers during the process of return, exchange or refund of merchandise.
  • ・All terms and conditions of "Return & Exchange Policy" will apply to all purchases made by members. If a member refunds/return any items for which Points have been credited, correspoinding number of Points for the item returned will be removed from member's account. IMC members is required to present IMC Card when making a purchase refund or return.
  • ・We reserve the rights to make amendments to this policy without prior notice.
Please call us if you have any queries about returns or exchanges. We will be happy to attend to you.