Quality children’s items made with love and care

Longstanding children’s clothing brand Familiar will present a selection of their much-loved wares at The Japan Store from September 19 through October 7. Founded by four Japanese women in 1950, Familiar has been making high quality items for children for almost seven decades. Approaching craftsmanship from a mother’s perspective, the Kobe-based brand develops, designs and produces items with the aim of helping children reach their full potential.


Based on the theme of HITOTEMA, the ingenious touches that make items special, the pop-up shop will feature detailed and delicate creations ranging from clothing to toys and accessories. The shop will also introduce the brand’s approach to craftsmanship by offering experiences related to fabric selection, children’s experiences and making things by hand.

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Featured items

Denim Bag
Released for the first time in 1957, this denim bag is one of the brand's long-selling items and is adorned with playful appliques and hand embroidery.
Familiar Bear
Familiar's original bear, Fami-chan, is made from soft material that is gentle on the skin.
Made with an attention to detail that spans from materials to sewing and design, Familiar's underwear is filled with ingenuity.
Oboro Towel
With pile material on one side and gauze material on the other, this soft towel has good absorption properties.



Familiar uses fabrics that won’t irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Visitors to the pop-up shop can try on adult-sized capes to experience the texture and elasticity of the brand’s undershirts.
Children's experiences
An art wall will provide children with a hands-on experience in which they can use masking tape to create colourful images and stories.
Made by hand
Each and every one of Familiar’s famous hand embroidered designs is made with wholehearted passion. Throughout the event, the brand’s designer will create an art wall by hand, culminating in its completion on the final day of the pop-up shop.