17 OCTOBER 2017

Unique flavours, inspired designs and award-winning excellence

Commencing on October 31 and running through November 11, The Japan Store will host a pop-up shop by leading Japanese chocolate brand Meiji. The shop will introduce three different floavour chocolates such as the fruity and Elegant Bitter from Meiji The Chocolate, the award-winning chocolate that is the culmination of a dedicated bean-to-bar approach. The chocolate is made in Japan using high quality cocoa beans sourced from farmers in Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico.

Featuring a stylish design with foil details, each chocolate box contains a trio of bars with designs that showcase the flavours and aromas of the carefully selected beans. Individual bars are divided into several patterned sections. The mini blocks have a light texture, while the slender sticks offer a strong, full-bodied flavour. Two larger blocks – one dome-shaped; one with a zig-zag texture – enhance richness and aroma respectively. Providing the chance to experience a single chocolate bar in a variety of ways, the blocks make delightful snacks and are perfectly designed for sharing with friends.

Aside from the rare opportunity to sample and purchase a variety of Meiji The Chocolate, the 12-day pop-up will also provide visitors with the chance to learn about the bean-to-bar approach and how Meiji works with regional farmers to support sustainable farming practices.


Event Outline

Meiji The Chocolate Pop-up Shop
Dates: October 31 – November 11