13 JUNE 2017

An inspired new take on Kyoto-style candy

Combining Japanese flavours with European beauty and brought to life in a longstanding Kyoto workshop, Crochet offers an inspired new take on Kyo-ame or Kyoto-style candy.
Building upon Japan's long history of candy production, Crochet’s colourful creations are made entirely by hand in a small Sakyo Ward workshop founded 130 years ago.Overseen by skilled artisans, the production process is carefully adjusted to account for seasonal variations and changes in temperature and humidity.

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Retaining traces of their handmade production and embodying a sense of place, the distinctive sweets have a texture and flavour that varies subtly from season to season. Each candy has a brilliant and lustrous finish that results from the skilful incorporation of fine air particles, while each and every colour, whether it be classic, contemporary or almost forgotten, carries a story and message of its own.

Combining simple yet striking designs with traditional recipes and craftsmanship, Crochet has created a lineup of four sweet and equally colourful varieties of candy for The Japan Store. The striped candy resemble Japanese temari balls, which were traditionally crafted from fabric and embroidery for use as toys and gifts.

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Among the selection of sweets on offer, Bonbon Citron et Citron vert Shiraginu Temari has been a symbol of Kyoto-style candy for many years, with its white silk-like colours and patterns complemented by slender stripes that represent celebration and purity. The matcha-flavoured Bonbon Koicha Temari Thé vert draws sweetness, rather than bitterness, from the depths of its green tea origins, while the charmingly hued hibiscus and grape soda-flavoured candy make perfect gifts, if not a sweet and colourful companion for morning or afternoon tea.

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